• Ongoing assistance to a fintech start-up with commercial contracts, corporate governance and compliance 

  • Assistance:

    • to an owner of a vintage Rolls Royce in relation to a dispute with a bespoke restoration workshop 

    • to a home owner with resolution and settlement of a dispute with a building contractor

    • to an individual with completion of his shareholder and director exit from three companies 

    • to a private jet and yacht hire operator with commercial contracts

    • with matters relating to enforcement of a divorce order by an ex spouse

    • with public family law issues involving social services and child custody

    • with creditor's concerns in relation to a commercial investment loan

    • to a senior employee with strategy and presentation of an employment grievance

    • with share and asset purchases by a small business

    • to a private members club with commercial contracts, compliance and tax matters

    • to an employee with a disputed claim under a corporate insurance policy

    • with legal matters relating to production of a biographic film

    • to a creditor with matters relating to recognition and enforcement of US judgments in English courts

*Please note that in some of the examples above Via Legalis provided only management and strategic services and not direct legal assistance

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