Are you a law firm?

No. Via Legalis is not a law firm. It is a legal consultancy run solely by Lev Klyuvgant - a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales (Solicitors Regulation Authority authorisation number 433893).

Via Legalis is a recognised sole practice authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under number 656282.

Can you do the same work as a law firm?

Some of Via Legalis' services may be similar to what a law firm could provide at initial stages of client engagement, but generally there is unlikely to be a significant overlap.

The idea behind Via Legalis is not to compete with law firms. It is to work in co-operation with them in order to deliver the most effective and efficient service and solutions to you.

What are the advantages of using your services?

Having the benefit of:

  1. a single point of initial contact for all legal issues;

  2. freed up time for other matters and reduced nuisance of dealing with a legal issue;

  3. a complete and thorough understanding of all aspects of your legal issue and available options from an early stage;

  4. services similar to in-house counsel or family lawyer without the need to employ one;

  5. making well-informed decisions in relation to your legal matters at all stages;

  6. management of and daily interactions in relation to the legal process on your behalf;

  7. meaningful selection of required specialists and understanding of their fees; and

  8. assistance with other practical considerations accompanying your legal matters.

There are other advantages, but these are the key ones.

Do your services have to come as a package?

It is entirely your choice. You can choose to combine several services as a package or use any of the services individually.

There may be instances where if you are using a particular service, it may be more beneficial and efficient for you to use some of the others. Via Legalis will advise you of this, but the final choice will be yours.

Can I contact you with any legal issue?

Yes. Please note that the availability of legal services that Via Legalis is able to provide directly may be restricted. This will be determined mainly by the area of law and the specific legal considerations your issue involves.

Where Via Legalis is unable to assist you directly, it can offer you its services of identifying and introducing you to an appropriate specialist.

Can you help me with foreign law issues?

Via Legalis is unable to provide direct legal assistance in relation to non-English law issues. In such cases, Via Legalis can assist you by:

  1. identifying and introducing you to a suitable foreign law specialist; and

  2. providing guidance and legal management in relation to their work.

What exactly can you offer?

Via Legalis can offer you:

  1. direct legal assistance in certain areas of law;

  2. services of general counsel or family lawyer without the need to employ one;

  3. assistance with understanding the nature of your legal issue and resources required in order to resolve it;

  4. strategic planning to identify the most effective and efficient resolution of your legal issue;

  5. where required, assistance with identifying an appropriate and reliable specialist that is well suited to deal with your legal issue and a personal introduction to them; and

  6. qualified management on your behalf of the legal process involving a specialist and other third parties.
There are, of course, other services.

Will it not be cheaper and easier if I deal with specialist(s) directly?

In the majority of cases, the answer will very much depend on:

  1. how you estimate your ability, willingness and availability to deal directly with various legal, procedural, administrative and financial matters that will regularly arise throughout the legal process; and

  2. how much you value your time and tranquillity.

In what areas of law can you provide direct legal assistance?

  • Commercial contracts

  • Corporate governance

  • Commercial dispute resolution (initial stages only)

What are real life examples of your assistance?

You can find some real life examples of Via Legalis' assistance here.