An investor requests assistance in relation to an investment issue in an English company. The investment agreement is governed by English law.


Via Legalis reviews the agreement, provides an initial view on their legal position under the agreement and suggests next steps. They include writing a letter to the counterparty setting out the client’s legal position and making certain requests of the counterparty. Via Legalis prepares and sends the letter on behalf of the client, but it does not achieve a satisfactory result for the client.


Via Legalis advises the client on (1) availability of dispute resolution routes and the implications of each and ​(2) the specifics of the English legal services market and potential specialist law firm candidates.

With assistance from Via Legalis, the client chooses preferred strategy for resolving this dispute and selects a suitable specialist law firm. Via Legalis introduces the client to the selected law firm. The client and the specialist agree terms and the client engages them directly. 

The client requests that Via Legalis remains involved in the role of a legal project manager on behalf of the client throughout the case.

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